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Case Updates and Legal Tactics of the Air Force Academy

It's been quite a while since the last case update, but it is important to provide some more context to what is occurring with #DeRitoVSUSA and the fight for justice with the United States Air Force Academy.

For the most part, the White House and the Secretary of Defense have not submitted a formal reply to directly intervene with the case as of yet. Currently, the legal team has been directed to submit yet another request to the Air Force Board of Corrections for Military Records to request additional changes. To date, the Secretary of the Air Force has not formally directed the Air Force Academy to change Adam DeRito's medical records, despite winning the Air Force Board of Corrections of Military Records (unknowingly) back in 2019. The 10th District Court of Appeals has refused to make a decision until yet another "administrative remedy" has been exhausted. This is the Air Force Academy's legal loop hole it has continued to use to try and extend its lawsuit past the statute of limitations where it can avoid responsibility for falsifying Adam's medical records, and not be held accountable. This is unacceptable, and those who desire reform to our military and how it handles retaliation cases must demand action.

The problem with all of these actions that the Air Force has taken over nearly 14 years is that it refuses to change at its core. It refuses to provide survivors justice in a system that has been broken for decades. Not a single leader from the Air Force Academy, nor the Department of the Air Force, has made any real efforts to change its culture. This is a problem, and we must demand change.

For the past several months, Adam has been serving on an Active Duty assignment that has demonstrated his dedication to service, and his dedication to his country that has never waned since he first entered the military in 2006. That dedication will not change, and his legal team will continue to fight for justice not only in his case, but for the thousands of other members of the military who have been retaliated against by falsifying their medical records in order to hide the wrong doings of our military leaders, and therefore jeopardizing the integrity of the next generation of leaders in our military.

In closing with this update, the next efforts that the team will make will be to submit another petition to the Air Force Board of Corrections for Military Records to demand that Adam's medical records be properly corrected, that his diploma from the United States Air Force Academy be granted, and that he continue to serve his nation while demanding progressive change from the Department of Defense to ensure that these types of retaliatory actions never occur to another member of the armed forces of the United States.

We appreciate all the support over the years, and Season 2 of the Dark Sabre Podcast will be published when Adam returns from his assignment. We continue to encourage all survivors and Cadets at our military academies to continue to reach out to us to tell us their stories, and so we can help them navigate issues of retaliation within their own chains of command.

Together, we will make a difference.

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